The Dominican Republic is the most well-known travel goal in the Caribbean. Consistently, more than 5,000,000 explorers from around the globe touch base in the tropical island country. Along these lines, the travel industry is one of the most significant wellsprings of income for the island country. Be that as it may, this income isn’t spread out reliably around. Numerous visitors are regularly concealed in one of the retreats, once in a while wandering outside; totally passing up the best pieces of the Dominican Republic! To urge others to wander out, here is a thorough guide of the top BEST places to visit in the Dominican Republic!

Is it Safe to Leave the Resort in Punta Cana?

If you’ve effectively reserved your movements to Punta Cana however are currently thinking: Is it’s sheltered to leave the retreat Punta Cana? The appropriate response is… YES! Totally. I have a female performance gone around the Dominican Republic on many occasions. In case you’re thinking “however I don’t communicate in Spanish and I don’t look Dominican!” Well, neither do a large number of universal expats that joyfully around the whole nation. If we can investigate and get around the Dominican Republic autonomously, for what reason right?

If you’d favor a nearby manage/DR visit, we can interface you to numerous brilliant local people. Look at the tours page here.

The northwestern Dominican Republic

The western locale of the Dominican Republic fringes the nation of Haiti. Thusly, notwithstanding its extraordinary social combination, the west is home to an uncommon advantageous interaction of pale blonde, parched desert mountains with emerald green shorelines.

Monte Cristi

Monte Cristi is the most northwestern region of the Dominican Republic. This generally virginal region flaunts solid notable ties with Cuba’s freedom, Maximo Gomez (Dominican who helped Cuba win its autonomy) and Jose Marti (Cuba’s national saint). Monte Cristi is home to assorted geography of mountains, completely clear shorelines, characteristic pools encompassed by mangroves, tall sloping bluffs disregarding emerald-green oceans, manatee asylums, and sandy islands (Cayo Siete Hermanos and Isla Cabra). A couple of hours in the middle of Puerto Plata and Monte Cristi is likewise the well known completely clear island key Cayo Arena. That’s only a couple of the numerous mind-blowing things there are to do in Monte Cristi. What’s more, it one of the most underestimated places in the Dominican Republic to visit!

Look at my devoted blog entry where I broadly expound on the top cool activities in Monte Cristi.

Where to stay: Hotel Santa Clara –Affordable, current, and chic.

Southwestern Dominican Republic

Like the northwest, the southwestern Dominican Republic is additionally bone-dry, bright, and loaded with shocks that you wouldn’t expect in a Caribbean tropical island. This is the genuine jewel (OK I know, we have a ton of genuine diamonds) of the Dominican Republic! Tall sand rises, extravagance vineyards, world-class shorelines, salty lakes, common pools, dazzling caverns, rich climbs, Taino pre-pioneer history thus substantially more.. across the board single territory! However, it is additionally one of the hardest to get to because there is just one noteworthy street that circles the area. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have the time, it is WORTH THE VISIT!

Driving through the southwest is a feature involvement in the Dominican Republic. There is such a great amount to do on this Dominican excursion that you ought to apportion at least 2 evenings to make a few stops en route.

Bahia de las Aguilas Beach

Bahia de las Aguilas (part of the shoreline’s coast shot above before arriving at the fine white sand part) is the prize toward the part of the arrangement and picturesque drive from Barahona to Los Patos to Pedernales. I’ve made a trip to more than 45 nations in the world. Bahia de las Aguilas ranks as my undisputed top choice shoreline on the planet. Not persuaded? Alright here’s another image from my automaton underneath:

bahia de las aguilas beach

Where to Stay: Hostal Dona Chava  –Super charming and comfortable overnight boardinghouse, claimed by an awesome nearby group of Dominicans. It’s arranged in a focal piece of town where you can stroll to the numerous delightful eateries or supermarkets in Pedernales town!


Barahona is one of the top unusual concealed pearls in the Dominican Republic!

Here are the best things to do in Barahona:

barahona beaches

Barahona beaches –look at the shorelines in Barahona. They are a cyan-cerulean blue that you most likely will never anyplace else on the planet.

best places to visit in the dominican republic

La Plaza Hike –This dazzling climb takes you through a few clear blue pools encompassed by limestone rocks (NOT for novices). This is unexpected however I can interface you with great local people who might be so glad to manage you through this astounding climbing knowledge!

best places to visit in the dominican republic

Cueva de la Virgen –A 1-hour reroute from La Plaza Hike, this an open cavern with a cascade that goes through it (presented previously). Admirers of nature, climbing, and water — this is for you! We had the whole cavern to ourselves!

Los Patos Beach –Cerulean blue shoreline to eat some flavorful broiled fish and investigate the world’s littlest waterway. You can kayak here, as well. Los Patos is a simple stop out and about in case you’re making a beeline for Pedernales/Bahia de las Aguilas. Make a point to request Kathy’s café for the best-browned fish with tostones in town!

barahona, dominican republic

Larimar Stands  –Larimar is a blue semi-valuable gemstone just found in Barahona and NOWHERE else on the planet! Make sure to stop by the numerous larimar stands to get a portion of the delightful jewels!

Larimar Mines – For the most valiant spirits. Certainly a lifetime experience. You will be a 4×4 SUV. You can do the stroll in cavern visits without moving down the make-move stepping stools.

Where to Stay: Casa Bonita –GORGEOUS estates ignoring the wonderful valley. This is found impeccably between everything recorded previously. If you can’t stand to remain here, at that point, at any rate, make a trip for a beverage! This inn is additionally situated on a similar street as La Plaza Hike/Cueva de la Virgen.


In Azua look at the lovely and luxurious Ocoa Bay Vineyard which has a vineyard for wine sampling and visiting, a wonderful open-air café, a clubhouse with a unendingness pool and many feasible horticultural undertakings.

Playa Blanca in Azua

You can likewise check out Playa Blanca, a shoreline just available by pontoon. The perspectives to and from this shoreline are dazzling as kind as you can see above. The water is clear and you can meander around the coast to see delightful pink coral shake arrangements and desert flora trees only a couple of feet from the clear waters.

Bani: Sand Dunes, Salt Mines & Centro Cultural Perello Museum

Bani is a small city which you will pass on the way to everything in the southwest. In Bani, you can check out:

  • Bani Sand Dunes – Unique tall dunes adjacent to a beach. You can try sandboarding there by renting boards in the MAYA hotel located across the road.
  • Las Salinas Salt Mine – If you get there during harvest time the water is super bright pink
  • Centro Cultural Perello – Modern art museum

The Dominican Alps

Did you realize that the Dominican Republic is home to the Caribbean’s tallest mountain? Did you realize that in this tropical Caribbean island there are towns where the temperature dips under solidifying? Or then again that there are tall, cooler rocky districts where you can develop strawberries, apples, and other chilly climate organic products/vegetables? Jarabacoa is the most prevalent mountain town of the Dominican Alps to visit among local people, and probably the best piece of the Dominican Republic’s the visit for experience and wellbeing!

river rafting in barbacoa


Look at my manual for the top 21 things to do in Jarabacoa.

The mountain town of Jarabacoa is home to dumbfounding cloud-transcending sights, cascades, treks, paragliding, stream boating, and other nature visits. Jarabacoa is additionally not exactly an hour from the José Armando Bermúdez National Park which is home to the tallest mountain in the Caribbean, Pico Duarte (pictured previously). In case you’re keen on a guided climb visit to Pico Duarte look at our services here. And here is my FREE online exhaustive manual for climbing Pico Duarte.

Where to Stay: Jarabacoa Mountain Hostel or Hotel Gran Jimenoa —Both are an astounding and loosening up desert garden!

The northern Dominican Republic 


The Puerto Plata province is situated on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. It comprises of some prevalent travel destinations: Puerto Plata, Sosua, and Cabarete. The initial two have moved toward becoming oversaturated with mass the travel industry. Skip them. BUT Cabarete remains the underestimated pearl of the north coast. This dynamic and global kite-surfing town is for the most part populated by nearby Dominicans, Capitaleños (Dominicans from Santo Domingo) and expats from around the globe.

Even though a little shoreline town, it is contained many sound sustenance spots (Vagamundo Coffeepictured above), kitesurfing schools, horseback riding ranches, caverns, rec centers, yoga studios, bistros, and numerous different things to keep you having some good times for a considerable length of time.

English and Spanish are spoken generally all through this town.

Look at my guide on the top 15 Cool Things to Do in Cabarete.

Where to Stay: Hostel Laguna Park ($) or Encuentro Surf Lodge ($$) or Sea Horse Ranch ($$$$$)


Playa Caleton

The province of Espaillat is home to dozens of unique natural attractions. Playa Caleton (photo above) is a local favorite and underrated beach just one hour drive from Cabarete downtown. Rio San JuanLaguna El Dudu and Cola de Pato in the mountains of Jamao al Norte are just a few of the many awe-inspiring attractions in this lush and less traversed region.


The Samana peninsula is somewhat harder to get to because of its good ways from the more well-known airplane terminals (POP, SDO, PUJ, STI). So on the off chance that you can’t discover a trip to its worldwide airplane terminal (AZS), you should drive 3 to 5 hours to get to Samana. It is likewise home to one of the greatest expat networks in the Dominican Republic who live in Las Terrenas and Las Galeras.

Notwithstanding these main three prevalent towns, the significant attractions to this region include Parque Nacional Los Haitises, whale watching, Salto de Limon (amazing!), Playa Rincon (take the little pontoon ride down the river), El Monte Azul, Playa Fronton, and Cayo Levantado.

Even though the territory is winding up soaked in the travel industry, there are a few places that are certainly justified regardless of the visit to this area: Salto de Limon, Playa Rincon (on a weekday when everybody is working), and Playa Fronton in Las Galeras.

Santo Domingo (Distrito Nacional: La Capital

best places to visit in the dominican republic

Santo Domingo

Last, yet not least… The Capital. This is one of the top best places to visit in the Dominican Republic.

Our Dominican capital offers understanding into the historical backdrop of the principal pioneer city in the Americas just as craftsmanship exhibition halls, mouth-watering eateries, hip bars, nearby hotspots, open caverns (Tres Ojos National Park), and the renowned Colonial City (UNESCO World Heritage Site)– just to give some examples things. Distribute at any rate 2 days to visit the city by foot or bicycle, fly into a couple of nearby occasions (Casa de Teatro), and attempt the neighborhood cooking particularly the contemporary combinations (Sushi Bamban). So if you get the opportunity to fly into or out of Santo Domingo, don’t pass on it.

Where to Stay: Island Life Hostel ($), Hodelpa Nicolas Oveido ($$$), Casas XVI ($$$$)

Because of high volume demands: If you are keen on a guided voyage through the Dominican Republic please get in touch with us for guided visits!

Expectation you’ve appreciated this rundown and will consider finding a greater amount of the Dominican Republic!