Purchasing keepsakes and blessings during an outing is the most ideal approach to make you have an inclination that your vacation never finished. It’s taking a bit of that heaven back with you in your bag to share with your family or companions.

Punta Cana has a wide scope of nearby and carefully assembled products that will be enticing during your outing. In this article, you’ll find which souvenirs and items are most representative of this piece of the Dominican Republic and why.


Dominican paintings are presumably the most striking and prevalent gift on the island. The scenes delineated passageway the guest with the intensity of their colors. Most of the works are so-called “Taíno craftsmanship”, which shows scenes that reflect different traditions and societies from the island, from the collecting of rice or natural sweetener to moves or other progressively theoretical themes.


Typical crafts from Punta Cana

The pre-Columbian individuals who possessed the island were known as the Taínos, and today their handicraft things are as yet being delivered and are profoundly esteemed on the island. Their manifestations initially spoke to their supernatural/religious vision of the world, and today you can discover these portrayals on regular figures and items. Its most created articulation is found in models, whose subjects primarily speak to the Zemi faction figures.

On the off chance that you are keen on pre-Columbian craftsmanship, you can buy figures cut in stone and wood as a trinket from your stay in Punta Cana.


You’ve most likely effectively attempted Mamajuana, or possibly knew about it. It’s a liquor arranged with rum, red wine and honey that is left to absorb a container together with tree covering and herbs, bringing about a fluid with an exceptional red shading.

Mamá Juana, typical drink from Punta Cana

Mamá Juana, a typical drink from Punta Cana

Rum needs no presentation. It could undoubtedly be called the national drink of the Dominican Republic and is renowned around the globe. During your remain, you can visit rum manufacturing plants or find out about the way toward making rum, and you can pick between white or gold rum, picking any of the brands that have dazzled you the most.


No one can oppose gems produced using larimar. This stone, with a sky blue shading, is just found on the island and can be purchased as pendants, hoops or wrist trinkets. It will be a remembrance that you’ll convey with you everlastingly and that will make you relive the vitality and force of the blue of the Caribbean Sea.

Larimar Stone, typical from Punta Cana

Larimar Stone, typical from Punta Cana

Golden can be found as both adornments and other beautifying items. This material is of exceptionally high caliber in the Dominican Republic and appreciates global notoriety. The individuals who are particularly keen on this sort of stone can also visit the Amber Museum in Puerto Plata, situated in the focal point of Punta Cana. Located in a Victorian house, this historical center shows probably the most amazing golden stones from the Dominican Republic.

In case you’re thinking about going shopping in Punta Cana and getting some traditional things and souvenirs, the hotels’ exhibitions and shopping areas are an amazing alternative for your benefit. Here, you can breathe a sigh of relief realizing you’ll discover every one of the things you could need. The best brands and items are readily available to make your stay extraordinary.