Punta Cana is heaven that attracts you and welcomes you to never leave its clear waters and long sandy shorelines. Be that as it may, the island of the Dominican Republic is loaded with a rich legacy and has numerous other fascinating goals past its shorelines.

Among the island’s most mainstream attractions are, in actuality, its capital. If you’re thinking about the alternative of taking a day excursion to Santo Domingo with your friends, keep perusing for valuable data and proposals on what to do in the multicultural capital of the nation.


The capital of the Dominican Republic is located on the south bank of the island, on the Caribbean Sea, at the mouth of the Ozama River. The city has more than 4 million occupants and receives one million worldwide guests a year, which makes it exceptionally appealing and dynamic for a trip with companions.


Santo Domingo is an easy open and well-associated city from Punta Cana. Taking Playa Bávaro as a reference, known as one of the most elite shorelines of the whole Costa del Coco, the separation is roughly 200 kilometers, which should be possible on a journey of around more than two hours by vehicle.


Noteworthy Center OF SANTO DOMINGO

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Meandering around the frontier region and the notable focus of Santo Domingo is probably the best delight offered by the island’s capital. Getting lost in its roads and investigating every last bit of history will without a doubt be an encounter you’ll always remember.

This focal region, known as the “Pilgrim City”, has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is a dazzling example of pioneer culture and design. During your outing, you can’t miss the “Road of the Ladies”, one of the most touristy lanes because of its pertinence and history. Here you’ll discover the absolute most delegate pilgrim structures.

The Cathedral of Santo Domingo is additionally eminent for being the first to have been worked in America. In a Gothic style, it keeps on holding mass and different religious occasions. It is allowed to go into and inside it houses exceptionally important show-stoppers.

Santo Domingo Cathedral, Dominican Republic

Other significant spots in the capital’s notable focus are The Count’s Gate, the Alcázar de Colón of Parque Colón, which more often than not has social and diversion exercises that you can appreciate with companions.


The Malecón of Santo Domingo offers a promenade with a complete of 14 kilometers along the Caribbean Sea. You ought to invest some energy strolling along an area of it to disengage from the buzzing about the middle and appreciate the stunning perspectives and the cool Caribbean breeze.

When visiting Santo Domingo, you should check with your hotel in Punta Cana if your trip matches with an occasion or festival, which are normally celebrated on the Malecón promenade, for example, the Merengue Festival held each year in July.

In case you’re considering taking a trip to Santo Domingo with your friends, don’t neglect to investigate these recommended places of enthusiasm for the Dominican capital.