We recently came back from a fun getaway to Dominican Republic. When I say I needed a vacation, I NEEDED a vacation. We usually go somewhere every couple of months or so, but because I have been so busy with work and new projects my schedule was like NAH! I was thinking about a quick trip to Miami, but then I said we might as well make this tropical (and close) – so we chose the DR. I know that is is so important to take time to rest and relax to reduce being overworked. I was starting to feel like I was overworking myself, so this was a must.

Once we got off the plane and I felt that heat smack me in the face, I was hype lol. Especially since it was snowing back home! We heard the musicians playing music at the airport, I knew we have arrived and it was time to chill! I was happy to make new memories in a new country ?




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#SUNSCREENSHORTY was formally introduced on this trip. That is AnnDrew’s beach vacation alter ego. This girl is OBSESSED with sunscreen and she puts on layers and layers of sunscreen EVERYWHERE! She does not play when it comes to sunscreen and it was the funniest thing ever. My kid is hilarious. I know all moms say that, but I really mean it though lololol Like who puts sunscreen on like this and why. She insisted on putting it on her lips and kept popping them lol.





We ate good, got to relax and enjoyed the water so this was an overall great vacation. I tried to not do any work while I was gone, but I cracked and did some ? Enjoy some of our pics and our vacation recap video. Make sure you subscribe to our channel to catch all of our videos. Enjoy some of our photos and our video!