At Aer Lingus, we offer the best flight packages that would be sure to make you look forward to your next flight with us; whether you are a new or old flyer. Quality customer service is high on our scale of preference so we make it a point to provide the best experiences at the best rates for you whether you are flying in the economy or business class.

We have fifty functional and well served aircrafts in our fleet that are well equipped to meet each and every need of our esteemed customer base. Our aircrafts have in-flight entertainment systems, functional Wi-FIs, Boutiques, Proper dining services, classy lounges that would ensure that your journey is comfortable from start to finish. The children are not left out; we have in-flight provisions and facilities for them that is sure to keep them occupied all through your journey.

Aer Lingus currently covers 93 destinations so you can rest assured that we have you covered. Our services are impeccable; from the air hostesses, to the pilot, we only choose the best. We also have a good safety record; in the past 50 years, we have not had any crash fatalities. We offer you safety, comfort, and class at reasonable and affordable prices.

Wouldn’t you rather fly with us and experience comfort the Aer Lingus way?