What might the Dominican Republic be without its abundant tropical essence? That which describes its food and makes it dissimilar to some other on the planet. This island, known as “Hispaniola”, stands apart not just for its traditional and extreme Creole cuisine and its regular beverages, yet it also offers the best culinary advancement in its treats and desserts.

To such an extent that, toward the part of the arrangement, consistently make a point to leave room for some of the nation’s customary sweets.


Assortment of exotic tropical fruits

Every one of the treats in this district are described by the way that they contain an bottomless and changed determination of tropical organic products among their ingredients. Let’s take a gander at which typical desserts from the Dominican Republic you shouldn’t miss during your excursion to Punta Cana.


Dominican cake is one of the most famous sweets in the country. It is basic to discover at family festivities, for example, sanctifications, fellowships, birthday events, and so forth. In contrast to most treats in the Dominican Republic, the cake is generally light.

Dominican biscuit, typical of Punta Cana

Dominican roll, normal of Punta Cana

This is accomplished gratitude to the sodden surface of its dough, whose flavor is extremely sensitive on your taste buds, making it basically dissolve in your mouth.

The classic recipe is loaded up with pineapple and secured with Italian meringue, with this being the most prominent adaptation of the treat. It can likewise be made with baked good cream, dulce de leche or a guava filling.


Source: Cocinadominicana.com


There is minimal national agreement encompassing this treat, which is profoundly illustrative of the nation’s culinary culture. What’s more, this makes it significantly increasingly uncommon and authentic. It comprises of a cream made with beans, milk, sugar and raisins. From here, every Dominican adjusts the formula to their very own criteria and taste.

It isn’t unexpected to serve during Lent and it is generally imparted to neighbors and family, being a good excuse for individuals to get together with their friends and family.


This is a sweet cream produced using sweetcorn. It is gotten from ears of corn that haven’t developed at this point, which contain juicer grains. The conventional formula isn’t anything but difficult to make, since it for the most part includes grinding the corn by hand. It is presented with powdered cinnamon on top.


While this sweet is well known in all of Latin America, it is particularly mainstream in the Dominican Republic, a nation that has adjusted the formula with its own unique contact that separates it from every single other formula.

Three milk cake with coconut

It comprises of a cake whose light surface is full of delicious flavors and sensations on the palate. For its introduction, it is normally washed in dulce de leche and secured with whipped cream. While it is a sweet dessert, it isn’t sickeningly sweet or difficult to eat. This makes it perfect to have after a customary Dominican dinner.

This is only a selection of the best treats you should attempt in Punta Cana. Many of them you can attempt in the restaurants and inside Lopesan Costa Bávaro’s culinary offer. Remember to spare some room after every supper to attempt this alluring assortment of sweets, whose fixings and plans offer incredible differences and innovation.