The Dominican Republic appreciates a phenomenal tropical atmosphere year-round thanks to its magnificent area in the core of the Caribbean. When you pick Punta Cana as your vacation goal, you can rest guaranteed realizing that you’ll get the opportunity to appreciate a few dreamy days in a remarkable domain, particularly in Playa Bávaro.

In the event that you are going to travel to the Dominican Republic in September, regardless of whether it’s Punta Cana or Santo Domingo, this is the data you should maintain in mind in control to know it about the zone’s atmosphere: from the temperature to the likelihood of precipitation, dampness level, and so on.


How about we take a gander at the factors you should consider during your holidays in the Dominican Republic regarding climate.


Temperature in Punta Cana in September

Punta Cana offers a warm atmosphere lasting throughout the year. The normal temperature ranges from between 27 to 31ºC, a perfect atmosphere for appreciating the daylight and the delicate breeze of the Caribbean Sea. September is incorporated into that normal, with the temperature being near the most wonderful months wherein the climate stands apart for having low stickiness and hotter evenings.

Consistently, the relative dampness is similar. While the stickiness may feel increasingly perceptible if you originate from a drier atmosphere, it is balanced out with the cool breeze that’s found on the whole Costa del Coco.

Concerning the water temperature, the tropical area of the Caribbean Sea implies that both in September and in some other month, the water temperature remains at a moderate/high temperature. It ranges from 21 to 32.2ºC consistently.


Much the same as temperature, the plausibility of precipitation stays stable all through the year. If the likelihood of precipitation can increment during a couple of months, it would be in May through August, so September is as yet a perfect date to visit the Dominican island.

September in Punta Cana

This zone is additionally known for the potential for small tropical storms that can happen whenever of year. They are very short and don’t generally influence any of the activities you might do in Punta Cana.

Much the same as the likelihood of tropical storms, hurricanes have a low and stable likelihood all through the year. Their effect is exceptionally far-fetched and, on the occasion a sea tempest happens, the retreats are prepared to deal with these circumstances without influencing visitors.

The tropical atmosphere that portrays this district may change marginally relying upon the season. Knowing the intricate details of the tropical atmosphere will assist you with becoming acquainted with the weather in Punta Cana in September and will be of extraordinary assistance when deciding what to gather in your bag for the Dominican Republic.