Things to do in Santo Domingo: Here is a list of ideas that you might enjoy during your visit

Things to do in Santo Domingo

Things to do in Santo Domingo: Trip Advisor

Things to do in Santo Domingo that will leave a lasting impression.  Make sure to visit one of the most popular tourist attractions during your stay on the island. Take a tour by a boat through collapsed caves that were inhabited by the Taino Indians. See the illumination at night by a myriad of colored lights. You will encounter transparent water that lets you see the bottom of the lake. There is a sense of amazement being in the cave under these limestone rocks. Not to mention different reflections of water such as blue, green, and sometimes yellow.  As the depth changes you will sense the awe. Whether you come with your loved one or a family or friends, these lakes possess great scenery for an unforgettable experience. Here are some reviews of people who have already experienced this amazing park:

From Niel: I really loved visiting this park. Let me explain why. There were a lot of stairs and after our lunch it made it great for walking . these lakes are very tempting you just want to jump into the water. Located at 3 parks is a cavern near the bottom that they told us supposedly had a Tarzan figure who will jump into the water from the walls and people give him money as a tip for entertainment! Just as a joke we were thinking that he must have had enough money because we never seen him come out of the wall! Really funny stuff but I will say you can enjoy this park greatly. If you want things to do in Santo Domingo I recommend you place this on your list! You will be glad that you did!