When you think of the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, the first thing that comes to mind is the heavenly beaches with white sand, turquoise waters, and abundant sunshine. As this amazing island offers dozens or even hundreds of beautiful and picturesque beaches, we have asked our team of dedicated travel experts to name their favorites. Some of them can be included in almost any itinerary and those who have three weeks to spend here on vacation can explore the 10 most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic.

1. Playa Rincón, Las Galeras

The pristine and long beach of Playa Rincón is not only one of the favorites of the tourradar, but it has also been ranked among the 10 best beaches in the world by the prestigious travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler. Despite its perfect setting, you will find very few people there. It is located on the green tropical peninsula of Samaná, near the pretty fishing village of Las Galeras. After 3 km from Playa Rincón, you will arrive at Caño Frio, a beautiful freshwater river that flows into the ocean.

Why we love Playa Rincón Beach: an almost endless beach in a perfect setting with dozens of opportunities to take photos.

How to get there: You can reach Playa Rincón in 30 minutes drive from Las Galeras – by rental car or by private transfer.

Tourradar has developed an exclusive circuit of tubes in the river, perfectly adapted to small groups. Stroll through the crystal-clear waters through tropical vegetation and mangroves and end at the beautiful beach of Playa Rincón, where the river flows into the sea. You can treat yourself to a fresh coconut or let us arrange a private barbecue for your group at the beach. Contact us for more information!

2. Cayo Levantado, Samaná

The small tropical island of Cayo Levantado is located just off the coast of Samaná. It is also known as “Bacardi Island” because its palm trees resemble those of the famous Bacardi Rum advertisement. It is perfect for swimming or simply for a drink and enjoy the paradise beach and turquoise water. If you want to spend the night, you can choose the only hotel on the island, the luxurious Bahía Principe Cayo Levantado. Its all-inclusive facilities will spoil you and fulfill all your wishes.

From January to March, you can witness the incredible migration of humpback whales that breed and give birth in Samaná Bay directly from Cayo Levantado.

Why we love Cayo Levantado Beach: If you are looking for the Caribbean stereotype of a beautiful island paradise: go!

How to get there: Cayo Levantado is located in the bay of Samaná. From the port of Santa Barbara de Samaná, small public boats leave every hour to take the ferry to the island. Otherwise, you can rent a private boat. In both cases, the journey time is approximately 15 minutes.

3. Bahía de las Águilas

In the south-west of the Dominican Republic, you will discover the amazing Bahía de las Águilas (“Eagle Bay”), probably one of the best-kept secrets of the country. This beach probably has the most beautiful turquoise water of the Caribbean and is totally isolated in the Jaragua National Park. The bay is accessible either by speedboat or 4×4, offering a breathtaking view of the long beach of more than five kilometers. Due to the remoteness of Bahía de las Águilas, you will almost never have to share it with other visitors.

Why we love the beach of Bahía de las Águilas: You have to come and see for yourself to understand what a miracle of nature awaits you here.

How to get there: You need a rental car or a private transfer to go to Bahía de las Águilas. It is about 2.5 hours from Barahona and 6 hours from Santo Domingo. From the “La Cueva” restaurant in Cabo Rojo, you can take a fast boat to get to the bay, which takes about 10-15 minutes. It is also accessible by car, but you will need an SUV because the road is not paved.

If you want to explore this beautiful beach and this diverse region, check out our “Unknown Southwest” tour. Contact us for more information, we would like to take you there.

4. Isla Saona

Isla Saona is a small tropical island located off La Romana. Many day trips will take you there by catamaran and will take you back to a speedboat. Thanks to its idyllic beaches, Isla Saona has been used many times by filmmakers and advertisers looking for a “desert island” setting. The natural swimming pool located just off Isla Saona, in the national park del Este, allows you to enjoy the warm water and have a cold drink.

Why we love Isla Saona: Turquoise nature pools and pristine beaches meet the Caribbean dream.

How to get there: Isla Saona is only accessible by boat. You will find many vendors offering half-day or full-day excursions that will take you to the island by catamaran and will take you back by speedboat. The main starting points for excursions are Bayahibe or La Romana in Punta Cana and Santo Domingo.

5. Beach of Bávaro

Bávaro Beach is a beautiful beach lined with palm trees, very wide and with beautiful turquoise water. It is located in the main tourist destination of Punta Cana and offers many all-inclusive resorts. On the beach, which ?? one ?f the l?ng??t ?nd largest ?n th? D?m?n???n R??ubl??, th?r? ?r? many b?r? wh?r? you ??n ?tr?ll ?nd ?nj?? a g??d Dominican beer.

Why w? love the beach ?f Báv?r?: It ?? th? m??t f?m?u? b???h ?f the Dominican Republic ?nd its ?d??l setting with ?t? ??lm tr??? makes ju?t???

H?w to arrive? Báv?r? B???h ?? a 30-minute drive fr?m Punta C?n? Int?rn?t??n?l A?r??rt. Y?u ??n rent a car or b??k a ?r?v?t? transfer to get th?r?. However, you will probably choose t? ?t?? h?r? ?n ?n all-inclusive resort and ?nj?? th? beach of Bávaro ?ll d??.

6. Punt? Rucia

Punt? Rucia ?? a small f??h?ng v?ll?g? in th? n?rth ?f th? Dominican R??ubl??, wh?r? ?t seems that time has ?t????d. If you ??t ?n the half-moon ?h???d b??, f??t ?n th? sand ?nd the sounds ?f th? n??r??t merengue b?r ?n ??ur ??r?, ??u will f??l the true C?r?bb??n ???r?t. It ?? ?l?? w?d?l? believed th?t th? most beautiful ?un??t? ?n th? Dominican R??ubl?? are here. Off th? ????t ?f Punta Ru???, ?n th? m?ddl? ?f the ????n, ?? C??? Arena, a breathtaking ??l?nd that ??n ?nl? be r???h?d b? b??t. Th? r??d t?k?? ??u thr?ugh th? ?dj???nt mangrove forests, ?n enchanting journey thr?ugh n?tur?. Th?nk? t? ?t? submerged r??f?, Cayo Ar?n? is perfect f?r ?n?rk?l?ng. Y?u w?ll f?nd ?n ?bund?n?? ?f colorful tropical fish.

Why w? l?v? th? b???h ?f Punt? Ru???: On? ?f th? most peaceful fishing v?ll?g?? with a beautiful b???h and ?n?r?d?bl? ?un??t?

H?w t? arrive? Punta Rucia Beach ?? a 90-m?nut? dr?v? fr?m Puerto Pl?t? b? rental ??r ?r ?r?v?t? transfer. In Punta Rucia you w?ll find many b??t? th?t w?ll take ??u to C??? Ar?n?, ju?t a 15-m?nut? dr?v? ?w??. W? recommend g??ng ??rl? ?n th? morning t? ?v??d m??? t?ur??m gr?u??.

7. Pl??? Fr?ntón, Las Galeras

Playa Fr?ntón – Robinson-Crusoe b???h ??r excellence. Th?? immaculate and ??rf??t b???h can only be reached b? b??t or ?n f??t. You will ???? the “B??? d?l Diablo” (D?v?l’? M?uth), a ????t??ul?r rocky crevice wh?r? water ?nd ??r are pushed thr?ugh th? ?r??k? ?nd ?w?k?n with a wh??tl?ng, thund?r?u? sound th?t r???mbl?? th? d?v?l. Playa Fr?ntón h?? a b???h rich ?n ????nut palms, a few ?m?ll bamboo huts (u?u?ll? abandoned), an impressive w?ll ?f r??k? ?n h??ght ?nd a v?r? g??d r??f f?r n??? ?n?rk?l?ng.

Wh? w? love Playa Fr?ntón Beach: If you w?nt t? f??l like R?b?n??n Crusoe ?nd take ??m? ?f the m??t ???tur???u? photos of th? Dominican R??ubl??, th?n th?? is ??ur b???h!

H?w t? g?t th?r?: Playa Frontón is ?nl? ???????bl? ?n f??t or b? b??t. You w?ll f?nd many f??h?ng b??t? in L?? G?l?r?? that will take ??u th?r? for 800-2500 ????? ??r ??r??n, d???nd?ng ?n th? numb?r ?f people. On f??t, it ?? about ??x k?l?m?t?r? from L?? G?l?r?? ?nd thr?? k?l?m?t?r? from B??? d?l D??bl?.

We r???mm?nd ?t???ng ?n S?m?ná O???n V??w Eco L?dg?. Fr?m th?r?, ??u ??n w?lk t? Pl??? Fr?nt?n and ?b??rv? hum?b??k wh?l?? directly from th? l?dg?. Its ?nf?n?t? pool, tropical g?rd?n with 14 ??tt?g?? and ?tunn?ng ocean v??w? m?k? ?t the perfect place for gr?u??, incentive tr??? or weddings. C?nt??t us f?r more ?nf?rm?t??n!

8. Pl??? C??ón, L?? T?rr?n??

Th? most b??ut?ful b???h ?n L?? T?rr?n?? is d?f?n?t?l? Pl??? C??ón. It ?? a beach l?n?d with ??lm tr??? ?f th? Atl?nt?? th?t you will probably h?v? for yourself. If you enjoy long w?lk? ?n beautiful n?tur?l ?urr?und?ng?, th?? six-kilometer beach ?ll?w? ??u to w?lk in one of the b??t landscapes ?f th? S?m?n? P?n?n?ul?. Playa Cosón ?? ?l?? h?m? to m?n? luxur? b???hfr?nt v?ll?? with tropical gardens th?t provide a dr??m setting f?r weddings, gr?u? trips, ?nd ?n??nt?v??.

Wh? w? l?v? Pl??? C??ón B???h: 4 m?l?? of ?r??t?n? beach with m?ll??n? of ??lm trees ?nd ????t??ul?r scenery.

H?w t? get th?r?: Playa C??ón ??n b? r???h?d b? r?nt?l car or ?r?v?t? tr?n?f?r. It t?k?? ?b?ut 15 minutes to g?t th?r? from Las T?rr?n??.

If you are dreaming ?f a destination wedding ?n a luxur? v?ll? ?t th? b???h, this ?? th? ?l???. We have ?rg?n?z?d many w?dd?ng ceremonies, r????t??n?, ?nd other ?v?nt? h?r? ?nd w? have m?n? ??t??n? t? fulf?ll ??ur C?r?bb??n dr??m. C?nt??t u? f?r m?r? ?nf?rm?t??n ?b?ut ?ur villas.

9. Pl??? Grande, R?? S?n Ju?n

The N?rth C???t is a f?m?u? ?urf spot in th? Dominican Republic, but ?t does n?t ?ff??t its beauty. Pl??? Gr?nd? h?? golden sand ?nd ?r??t?l ?l??r blue w?t?r. Th? b???h bl?nd? beautifully ?nt? th? C?b? Fr?n??? V??j? N?t??n?l Park, a jungl? ?r???rv? where the surrounding ?l?ff? fl?w into the ????n. In Pl??? Gr?nd?, ??u will f?nd v?nd?r hut? where ??u ??n bu? a cold Presidente b??r ?nd fresh seafood. L?b?t?r dishes ?r? v?r? famous. Surfboards ?r? ?l?? available f?r rent.

Wh? w? love Pl??? Grande Beach: Du? to its perfect ??nd and interesting ????tl?n?, it ?? a must ?n every tr?? ?l?ng th? northern ????t ?f th? D?m?n???n R??ubl??

How t? get th?r?: a r?nt?l ??r ?? th? b??t w?? t? g?t ?r?und this ?r??. Pl??? Gr?nd? f?t? perfectly ?nt? a ??lf-dr?v? ??r?u?t on th? n?rth coast ?f th? D?m?n???n Republic. Cabrera ?? about 12 m?l??, Rio S?n Ju?n l??? than 4 m?l??, Puerto Pl?t? 75 m?l??, and Cabarete 34 miles. Th? international ??r??rt? of S?m?ná and Pu?rt? Pl?t? ?r? about ?n hour ?nd a h?lf ?w??. Pl??? Gr?nd? ?? a 2.5-hour drive fr?m S?nt? Domingo.

10. L?nz? d?l Norte, L?? G?l?r??

L?nz? d?l N?rt? is the ult?m?t? insider t?? of tourradar. It ?? a tru? ??r?d??? n??tl?d ?n tropical vegetation ?nd ??lm tr??? off the beaten tr??k. Th?? ???lud?d beach is certainly a hidden g?m ?n th? D?m?n???n R??ubl?? ?nd a v?r? ???tur???u? ?nd ?b??lut?l? uninhabited ?l???. If ??u dreamed ?f b??ng ?l?n? on a b??ut?ful natural and ?r??t?n? b???h, L?nz? d?l Norte ?? ??ur place t? ?t??. S?n?? m??t ????l? w?ll come from El L?m?n and take the r??d t? Pl??? Moron, w? r???mm?nd th?t ??u f?ll?w th? un??v?d r??d unt?l you r???h L?nz? d?l Norte, ?t w?ll b? w?rth ?t! There w?ll be l?t?r?ll? no ?n? ?l?? around.

Wh? w? love th? beach ?f L?nz? del N?rt?: ?f th?r? ?? a d?f?n?t??n f?r a virgin ?nd beautiful beach, Pl??? Lanza d?l N?rt? w?ll meet ?t.

How t? get there: Pl??? L?nz? del N?rt? is about 40 minutes fr?m L?? Terrenas and ?? accessible b? ??r. If you come from El Limon, you can f?ll?w th? r??d t? Pl??? M?r?n, but instead ?f turning l?ft at th? l??t junction, just follow the un??v?d r??d t? the ?nd ?nd ?rr?v? ?t L?nz? d?l N?rt?