Punta Cana is a top worldwide destination due to its heaven like shorelines—however, it has a great deal more to offer sightseers. One of its strongest focuses is the Dominican cuisine, whose inconceivably fascinating attributes will make sure to prevail upon guests’ palates. The run of the mill dishes of the area is ideal testing of the creole food that is a characterizing characteristic of the Dominican Republic, made up of a mix of Spanish, African and Taíno impacts. We should take a gander at some of these typical dishes from Punta Cana.


“La Bandera Dominicana” is likely what a great many people consider to be the country’s national dish. It’s an outright should attempt it when you visit Punta Cana if you need to interface with the nation’s increasingly conventional roots and flavors.

The dish depends on rice and beans, the principle fixings in most creole plans, joined by stewed meat, a plate of mixed greens and seared green plantains. Served together with characteristic organic product squeezes, the outcome is a fusion of sweet and salty flavors that will be the initial step on your voyage to investigate the zone’s nearby traditions and flavors.

Bandera Dominicana typical dish from Punta Cana


Punta Cana is a hot goal, and nobody realizes how to adapt to high temperatures superior to the Dominicans. Even though it might appear to be dumbfounding, the nearby occupants of this island heaven resort to hot dishes and soups to battle the heat. “Asopao” is one of the most outstanding dishes with regards to ordinary Dominican nourishment. It’s a soup produced using chicken, tomato, and rice, which may appear to be “overwhelming” sustenance from the start, yet refreshes and delights the sense of taste because of fixings, for example, coriander.


The enormous assortment of flame-broiled fish and fish will be a feature for you when you visit the entrancing district of Punta Cana. The topographical setting of the Dominican Republic makes the country famous for its sea-based dishes. When it comes to fish, among the most exceptionally refreshing species we can discover the giant Caribbean prickly lobster, insect crabs, different kinds of crabs, prawns, octopus or shrimp got off the coast.

Typical seafood of Punta Cana

For the additionally challenging, you should try a portion of the novel species from the territory, which can’t be found anyplace else on the planet, for example, the ruler conch, which is an exceptionally enormous consumable ocean snail that will delight even the most restrictive palates.

As for creole fish, the best species to attempt are mackerel, northern red snapper, grouper and longfin tuna, whose flavors will offer ascent to exceptional sensations when delighted in blend with creole sauces or when cooked in coconut sauce.


It would be a major misstep to neglect to leave space for the run of the mill Punta Cana desserts. The energizing Punta Cana food offers a portion of its most dominant stands out from its creole desserts, delights made utilizing a wide assortment of tropical natural products. When visiting Punta Cana, you’ll find that it’s regular to complete off a feast with pastries produced using milk or coconut. Other progressively colorful choices incorporate the “majority”, a treat made with corn and coconut, or the “mamajuana”, with rum and nectar.

Typical desserts from Punta Cana

There are such a large number of a run of the mill dishes that will make your outing to Punta Cana a bona fide culinary experience. Getting diverted by the sensations and kinds of each dish will without a doubt be one of the features of your outing to Punta Cana.