A juice scrub isn’t the best way to prepare for your impending excursion (indeed, we don’t actually suggest doing that by any means). By wiping out specific food varieties a little while paving the way to your excursion, you’ll feel much improved, yet you may likewise shed a couple of pounds subsequently — regardless of whether that is your objective. We talked with Explore Cuisine’s enlisted dietitian and nutritionist Ilana Muhlstein for pre-escape wellbeing tips, and she shared the best and most exceedingly terrible food sources to look out for.

On the off chance that you’re thinking, “Why eat solid when I’m simply going to invert my endeavors on the outing?,” you should change your mentality ASAP. As indicated by Ilana, you wouldn’t fix things by any stretch of the imagination. “Eating great and planning a long time before sets you up to need to continue to desire those food varieties on your relax and start those propensities that truly stick,” she told POPSUGAR. “You’re giving yourself that pad so when you return, you don’t feel like you need to begin once again and accomplish something outrageous.”

In the event that you need to head into your escape feeling debloated and looking new confronted, see her tips beneath!

Foods to Evoid

White carbohydrates: Ilana says it’s best to avoid white-carb-based meals, like white rice and pasta, before your trip because they cause almost immediate weight gain and a spike in our blood sugar. “They don’t actually provide any strong nutritional qualities,” she told us. “I would recommend, in general, using those white carbs as treats for special occasions and looking forward to having those during your vacation.”

Salty packaged and restaurant food: We know that salt promotes bloat, but most of our salt intake actually comes from packaged and restaurant food, not so much from our own home cooking. Make meals and snacks at home rather than eating out — you’ll want to save the good stuff for your trip, anyway.

Alcohol: “Alcohol breaks down with an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase, a supply-and-demand enzyme — so the more you drink, the more your body produces this enzyme to break it down,” Ilana said. This means that the more you drink, the higher your tolerance becomes, which equals more alcohol (aka sugar and calories) to enjoy the same effects. So if you’re planning on drinking margaritas on your entire trip, give yourself something to look forward to by cutting out alcohol beforehand. Plus, your tolerance will be much lower by then. Can you say cheap date?