Bienvenidos a Punta Cana!

What I mean to say in English is, Welcome to Punta Cana!

I’m going to share my adventures and experience on this amazing island along with
things to do and where to go. I am not working as a guide in Bavaro. My sole purpose is to help you which is what I enjoy doing the most. Feel free to ask me any questions or assistance you may need.

Let me give you some recommendations

If you are making plans to come here, I would recommend you to make sure there is someone here to help you during your stay as what you will find is a completely different culture where people have got their own mentality and a view to life.
Different colors of nature, amazingly-blue ocean and lots of other tropical joy you will find while staying here.
Not depending on whether you are staying in the hotel, or you are coming here your own way make sure to explore amazing
points of interest, meet new people, and get some great times with the locals.

It’s amazing thing that no visa is required, just some little amount of cash to pay in the airport and your are on your way in. It’s a normal thing to see lots of taxi driver’s getting around you to give their service. My preference would be to take the bus with a meeting of friends as it won’t cost 30/40 usd for 30 minutes driving, or getting a taxi from a hotel would be amazing option as well.

While my visit for almost a year I stayed in a great apartment for not very high costs, and very high INTERNET speed.
As what I learned from my experience it’s a good thing to check INTERNET before checking in, if you are staying in the apartment. Also make sure that the air conditioner is working as it would be too hot without having it working at night. (Plus Mosquito repellent) the Good Stuff!

Temperature gets really hot sometimes so, getting vitamin D isn’t a recommendation till probably 4 pm (it’s for me anyway)

You can always ask me for more info if you are interested.

The best thing I would recommend to do is the Snorkeling. I have never done any diving, as for me there isn’t really a reason to do it, the turquoise water is so clear that 8-10 metter wouldn’t be an obstacle to see different varieties of ocean animals.

If you have a boat with you, then it would be just amazing to see different places in the water where it’s only 1 metter deep 1 km away from the beach. I still had to be swimming in the shirt with long sleeves just not to get too much sun. Gloves is another thing to take with you. Amazing thing about that is seeing quite blue water with lots of fish coming to you just to circle and leave. I would be swimming back before the sunset.

Guys, there is so much to share with you!

Contact me any time!