Visiting the Manati Park subject park is one of the most profoundly suggested exercises for gatherings of companions heading out to Punta Cana. Its wide choice of recreational exercises enables you to appreciate all the plants and untamed life from the Dominican Republic in one place. All you need to do is pick which exercises you need to do and after that let yourself be diverted by the shows and exhibitions offered by the recreation center.

Arriving at the recreation center from Playa Bávaro couldn’t be simpler, one of the most profoundly esteemed shorelines in all of Punta Cana by visitors. The transport service can be masterminded in a basic and direct way; either the staff at the hotel in Punta Cana where you’re staying can exhort you and furnish you with data, or the Park itself composes free transport pick-ups from the primary lodgings in the region, taking you there and back.


From parrots and cockatoos to iguanas, parrot dolphins and ocean lions. In this park, you’ll have the option to find the country’s most significant creature species and likewise appreciate the primary plant species on the island.

manati park punta cana

Inside the conceivable outcomes offered by this park as far as greenery and fauna, one of the primary attractions is the iguana reproducing center, the biggest in the Dominican Republic. You can likewise appreciate these fascinating creatures in 5 various shows.


There’s no better method to drench yourself in the life and culture of a nation than by seeing interactive shows about its principle customs and local species. This will surely be an encounter that you’ll always remember. Aside from the shocking photographs that you’ll reclaim as a keepsake!

The creature shows incorporate exhibitions with sea lions, parrot dolphins, parrots and an equestrian show with the great Pure Spanish Horse, Quarter Horse, and Shetland Pony. Manati Park presents nine appears all through the day, so you can compose the visit to the recreation center just as you would prefer. Every one of the shows is incorporated with your admission to the recreation center.

Shows with animals and traditions from Punta Cana


Swimming with dolphins in Punta Cana is an encounter worth having at any rate once in a lifetime. The Manati Park Dolphinarium is one of the main places in the Dominican Republic to house these mind-blowing, darling creatures.

Dolphins are one of the species of the canniest and agreeable creatures on the planet. During the movement, you will discover interesting actualities about how they convey, to what extent they live for, etc., in expansion to get to go for a dip them!

Swimming with dolphins

Visiting this amusement park will without a doubt by a dynamic involvement in a one of a kind environment. This is one of the exercises that are most profoundly esteemed by voyagers who visit Punta Cana, as reflected by TripAdvisor in the opinions given about Manati Park. It has generally gotten an “amazing” rating by guests who come here with a gathering of companions.

In case you’re looking for activities to do in Punta Cana with friends, don’t neglect to visit this extraordinary spot where you can communicate with creatures and find the historical backdrop of the island.