Dominican beverages and mixed drinks are well known and are delighted in everywhere throughout the world. Traveling to Punta Cana is a phenomenal chance to attempt these invigorating blends of leafy foods that will be an explosion of euphoria on any sense of taste.


The Dominican Republic has a broad gastronomic offer in which beverages play a significant role. The dinners are typically joined by mixed drinks, beverages or smoothies that are as nutritious as they are satisfying.

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Notwithstanding rum (the beverage second to none countrywide) and the notably mixed drinks, for example, the piña colada or daiquiri, you ought to likewise attempt different mixed drinks, with and without liquor, which are illustrative of this Caribbean country. Let’s take a voyage through the most mainstream ones.


The well-known Mamajuana can be attempted alone or in cocktails. It is exceptionally appealing among voyagers and is viewed as one of the principal national beverages.

How it is delivered is no less striking, the aftereffect of a maceration procedure wherein nectar, rum, and red wine are added to various roots, flavors and bits of wood that are local to the nation. The outcome is a unique and semi-sweet season, where you can acknowledge traces of herbs and woods.

Mamá Juana, typical from Punta CanaMamá Juana, typical from Punta Cana


Banana Mama is a delicious and invigorating beverage that consolidates two sorts of rum with various tropical fruits. Although the formula may change contingent upon the region, the base of white rum will normally join pineapple syrup, coconut cream, and grenadine to taste. The outcome is an intense and reviving mixed drink that is served very cold. It is generally served early afternoon when the sun is extreme.


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The Coco Loco is commonplace all through the Caribbean and every region adjusts the recipe with its unmistakable touch that makes it extraordinary and one of a kind. The main two fixings that don’t change starting with one formula then onto the next are coconut and rum. To set it up, both the mash and the coconut water are utilized, exploiting all their freshness and properties. It can be served in a glass or straightforwardly from the coconut itself where the beverage is readied.


The Dominican Republic offers a lot of decent variety for lager lovers. Even the most requesting palates will realize how to locate their most loved ones among the nation’s choice of neighborhood lagers. Probably the most outstanding that are set up on the island is the popular Presidente (ale), and others like the Bohemia, the Quisqueya or the Sobrante.

They are normally served in 1.1-liter holders, like a wide jug made of wood or bamboo, and from that point, they are served into littler glasses. The ideal approach to chill with companions or with your accomplice on the beach, enjoying the delicate breeze of the Caribbean Sea.

The charming temperature and the paradisiacal shorelines that Punta Cana is known for will welcome you to try a different run of the mill mixed drinks and beverages from the area. This way, you’ll get to try intense local flavors while remaining hydrated as you put in a couple of days unwinding in Lopesan Costa Bávaro.