Saona Island is one of the pearls of the Caribbean Sea and an unquestionable requirement to see a place for any individual who is on vacation in Punta Cana. Its perpetual white sandy shorelines with completely clear waters will be a haven of harmony far away from civilization.

While you can visit Saona Island from Playa Bávaro itself on a one-day visit, we prescribe putting aside some portion of the day to make a stop at the Mano Juan Sanctuary to find out about the Sea Turtle Conservation Project. It is situated in Mano Juan, the main possessed angling town on the island, which is home to this significant undertaking that is a very huge piece of the island and the nation.


The circumstance of ocean turtles in the Dominican Republic is extremely fragile. There are three ensured species: the leatherback ocean turtle, green ocean turtle, and the hawksbill ocean turtle. The hawksbill turtle is the most agent of every one of them, with more than 25 settling females for every year.

Their eradication is for the most part because of robbery by angler and poachers in the region, who plan on illicitly selling the shells of the grown-up turtles. Another reason why hawksbill turtle hatchlings are stolen is the deception in the nation that the eggs and meat of hawksbill turtles can be utilized to cure a few conditions, for example, erectile brokenness.


In this ocean turtle preservation venture in Mano Juan, all the nests are checked to utilize a GPS system. This way, it’s conceivable to intervene if a home is situated in a high-hazard area, and subsequently keep the eggs from being ventured on or stolen by poachers. The eggs are then moved to the haven, where they are brooded until the youthful are conceived.

Sea Turtle Sanctuary on Saona Island

The hero behind this activity is the man known as “Negro”: an angler who recently chased turtles and their eggs until he picked up mindfulness and changed his work to commit himself only to developing this sea turtle populace on Saona Island.

Mano Juan is home to the most significant secured ocean turtle settling territory in the Dominican Republic. Because of undertakings like this sanctuary, the number of these secured species is rising each year, expanding from 7 to more than 35 settling turtles every year.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of the Dominican Republic assumes a functioning job for this reason. As of late, the nation facilitated the 9th Conference of the Gatherings of the Inter-American Convention for the Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles, whose goal is to promote the insurance, protection, and recuperation of ocean turtle populaces.

On the off chance that you travel to Punta Cana, don’t pass up this haven during your visit to Saona Island. Also, if you don’t mind make sure to rehearse dependable the travel industry, regarding the earth and making a point to not buy products whose origin comes from ensured species.